Transcript: The Real Bottom Line: Maximize the Value of Your Medicare Health Care Dollar

[Video Run Time : 41]

[:00 UnitedHealthcare logo bottom left of white background screen]

[:01 - :06 Text enters screen from left, white background with icons pop on, small lock, H (hospital) pill bottle (RX), tooth.] “Decisions…Decisions…Decisions.”

[:06 - :11 Text appears on screen while small lock icon bounces across bottom of screen.] “How much financial risk are you comfortable with?”

[:12 - :18 Text appears on screen, H icon floats across below text.] “Do you want the choice of any health care provider, or are you willing to choose a doctor or hospital from within a network?”

[:18 - :23 Text appears on screen, RX pill bottle icon floats across bottom of screen] “Do you use prescription medications?”

[:24 - :30 Text appears on screen while tooth, eye, ear instrument icons float across bottom of screen.] “How important is it to you to have routine dental, vision and hearing exams covered?”

[:30 - :37 Text appears on screen with ? icons] “Click the headline below to learn more about these and other questions to ask when choosing a Medicare plan.”

[:38 - :41 UnitedHealthcare logo fades in over white screen] UnitedHealthcare