Transcript: A Program Dedicated to Create Diverse Health Workforces

Waves lap a rocky shoreline under a cloud-dotted blue sky. On a distant shoreline, a forest is visible.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Fort Totten, North Dakota

In a close-up, a red, white, and blue seal featuring a black and white feather on a red background and four tepees under seven stars is visible. A recording of men singing in a Native American language plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Little



Students pass under a sign and enter a brick building. Inside, a red, white, and blue beaded headdress is visible on a mannequin head.


                                                COMMUNITY COLLEGE

                                                MAIN ENTRANCE

Through a narrow window in a closed wooden door, students are visible. Flyers are posted to the outside of the door.


                                                MONDAY THURSDAY

                                                Oct. 29-Nov. 1

ON SCREEN TEXT:             A-106

                                                ALL SOCIAL

                                                WORK CLASSES

                                                MEET IN ROOM


                                                You are here J

GALYNN: Did everybody get their posted mid-term grades?

In a classroom, a woman's hand reaches over a textbook full of highlighted passages for a pen. Students watch a teacher in a red shirt, Galynn, gesturing at a set of large screens in the front of class. Light piano music plays.

GALYNN: Are employers looking for this?

In the classroom, a woman with short wavy black hair, Maria, uses a laptop.

MARIA: One person can help ten more down the road. Addiction counseling:

Maria sits in front of bookshelves talking to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Maria Vormestrand

                                                Cankdeska Cikana Community College - Student

MARIA: That's where I want to focus on, with the addiction itself.

Back in the classroom, the students continue watching Galynn, who speaks in the front of the room. The video grays and blurs as white text overlays it.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             In Native American

                                                communities, there is

                                                a need for social workers.

Maria sits in the classroom with the rest of the students.

MARIA: I just love social work; helping people.

In a library, Maria sits in front of bookshelves talking to the camera.

MARIA: I can relate to other women or men. I can relate to children on how they feel the victim.

Back in the classroom, the students nod at Galynn.

GALYNN: How do you keep the two words separate?

In a cluttered office, Galynn sits talking to the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Galynn Lindemann

                                                Cankdeska Cikana Community College - Social Work Instructor

GALYNN: Maria's at a transition time in her life. She's a non-traditional student, which is wonderful.

In a still photograph, Maria smiles at another woman.

GALYNN: She loves people. So I think that she has that spirit of "I want to help you."

Back in the classroom, Maria nods.

GALYNN: 30 years ago, she began her social work degree.

Back in her office, Galynn continues talking to the camera.

GALYNN: Life has a way of getting in the way when you're busy making plans.

Back in the library, Maria talks to the camera.

MARIA: Life happened. I got pregnant my junior year.

In another still photograph, Maria smiles, surrounded by three young women and a young man in gray and green North Dakota sweatshirts. A Christmas tree is visible behind them.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Merry Christmas 2008

MARIA: I had four children. Basically raised them on my own.

In another still photograph, Maria rides a skateboard in a park.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Over the years,

                                                Maria supported her family

                                                while managing retail stores.

In another still photograph, Maria wears a suit jacket and smiles at the camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             In 2017, she lost her job...

In another still photograph, Maria poses, smiling and holding a pen over a form.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             ...leaving her with an uncertain future.

Back in the library, Maria continues talking to the camera.

MARIA: I did a quick reflection. What do I regret in my life? What can I do to change anything?

Maria carries a school bag along a brightly lit and plant-filled hallway.

MARIA: Finishing my college education.

Maria writes in a notebook.

MARIA: And I was like, "I'm gonna do it." Yeah.

In the library, Maria looks at her laptop screen. Determined piano music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Maria spent one year

                                                balancing a full-time job and school.

A close-up of a title page topped with Cankdeska Cikana Community College's red, white, and blue seal. Maria nods.


                                                COMMUNITY COLLEGE

                                                Spirit Lake Dakota Nation

GALYNN: This is your purpose statement for why you're doing the internship.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             This year, she's a full-time student...

Maria and Galynn sit on a red sofa filling out a packet of forms.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             ...thanks to a scholarship partnership

                                                with American Indian College Fund

                                                and United Health Foundation’s Diverse Scholars Initiative

Back in her office, Galynn talks to the camera.

GALYNN: You can lose your car. You can lose your home. You can lose a lot of things, but you don't lose what's in between here. That knowledge is power. I am so grateful for UnitedHealth.

Back on the sofa, Galynn points to a form and talks to Maria.

GALYNN: You're driven. It wouldn't surprise me to see you do a all.

MARIA: Right? That's what I told my husband I wanted to do.

GALYNN: Yep. See? Well, she's got this.

Back in the library, Maria sits at a table underlining sections of an article. In another shot, she talks to the camera.

MARIA: This scholarship has given me the opportunity to advance, and I am so lucky and honored to have them chose me. They helped me get to where I want to be in my life.

In a yellow hallway, Maria carries her school bag.

MARIA: I'm just so grateful. That's all I can say. I'm just grateful. You just have to be there in the community, and you just have to be strong for everybody.

The video fades and blue text appears on a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Since 2007,

                                                The Diverse Scholars Initiative

                                                has contributed $18 million to support

                                                nearly 2400 scholars in 37 states.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             Helping those who will then

                                                give to their own communities.