Transcript: Coping with Stress Through Meditative Breathing

[Video Run Time: 1:13]

[:00 - :06 ] Woman sits on a chair in empty room with eyes closed. She breathes in slowly through her nose. Then video cuts to her face close up while she exhales with her mouth open.

[:02] Text appears on screen: “Three meditative breathing techniques”

[:07] Woman walks over to empty chair in room. She sits down.

[:08] Text appears on screen: “Technique One, Just Breathe”

[:09] Text appears on screen: “Get comfortable.”

[:10] Video cuts to woman sitting, back straight, feet on the floor, and using armchair rests.

[:11] Video cuts to her face with eyes closed. She demonstrates breathing technique.

[:12] “Breathe in while counting to 4”

[:16] “Breathe out while counting to 4”

[:18] Counting text appears: “1 - 2 - 3 - 4” while woman breathes in and then the text counts down “4 - 3 - 2 - 1” while the woman exhales.

[:25] Video cuts to woman lying down on floor with yoga mat. She puts one hand on her belly and the other hand over her heart.

[:28] Text appears on screen: “Technique Two: Belly Breathing”.

[:30] Text on screen: “Inhale through your nose, bringing in air through your diaphragm.”

[:34] Text on screen: “Purse your lips and exhale, while pressing down on your belly.”

[:38] Text on screen: “Repeat”

[:40] Woman moves to sitting position with cross legs on yoga mat and puts one hand over nose.

[:41] Text on screen: “Technique Three: Alternate Nostril Breathing”

[:44] Text on screen: “Put your index and middle fingers between your eyebrows.”

[:47] Text on screen: “Breathe in through your nose.”

[:52] Text on screen: “Cover right nostril with your thumb, let the breath out the left nostril.”

[:57] Text on screen: “Breath in through left nostril, close it with your ring finger and exhale through the right nostril.”

[1:02] Text on screen while woman demonstrates alternate nose breathing with her eyes closed: “Inhale through the right nostril, close with your thumb. Exhale through the left. Repeat.”

[1:09] Logo: “United Healthcare”

[1:13] Fades to black screen.