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Transcript: Five Tips for Choosing A Health Plan

Blue text appears on a white backdrop.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Are you ready to choose your health plan?

A dark-haired woman in a turquoise blouse speaks to the camera against a light gray backdrop. A graphic to her lower left reads "Open Enrollment" and remains onscreen for the duration. A graphic at her upper left shows a baby playing in a pile of golden leaves.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Open Enrollment

WOMAN: The fall is here, which means it is time for open enrollment.

The graphic to her upper left shows a mother and a female doctor talking to baby on an exam table. The graphic changes to a cartoon of a man in a tie surrounded by question marks.

WOMAN: This is when many Americans will decide their health care benefits for the next year. And, if we're honest, it's a little confusing.

The graphic disappears, replaced by blue text.


WOMAN: So here are five tips to help make that process a little easier.

Blue text appears on a white screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Anticipate Change

The woman continues speaking.

WOMAN: Let's talk about the changes you'll see in a year.

A graphic to her upper let shows a woman in a hospital bed cradling a newborn baby, followed by a bride and groom under a flowery trellis, then a pile of medications.

Maybe you had a baby. Maybe you got married. Maybe you know your medications are gonna change for the next year, so be sure to factor all that in when choosing your health plan.

Blue text on white.


She continues speaking to a camera. An hourglass appears at left, rotates, and disappears.

WOMAN: When it comes to selecting that plan, make sure to take your time.

As she speaks, a list of blue text scrolls rapidly past on the left.


Plan B

Plan C

Plan D

Plan E

Plan F

Plan G

Plan H

WOMAN: It is not one-size-fits-all, and it can be confusing as you see that long list of several different plans offering different benefits and costs, so make to take the time and do your research to make the right choice for you.

Blue text on white.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Consider the Costs

She continues speaking.

WOMAN: Let's talk cost. It's probably one of the most important aspects when choosing your health care coverage, and it goes beyond premiums.

A list of blue text appears at her left as she speaks, then disappears.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Deductibles


Out-of-pocket maximums

WOMAN: You also have deductibles, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums. So think of that whole cost formula when deciding your health benefits.

A pink graphic at the upper left shows a spilled bottle of pills.

WOMAN: And don't forget about the medications, 'cause those expenses can change year over year.

Blue text on white.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Know Your Coverage

She speaks to the camera. Blue text appears at left, followed by a graphic of a smiling male doctor in scrubs. Another picture of a hand pulling a dollar bill from a wallet covers the doctor.


WOMAN: You've probably heard or seen that term "in-network" when choosing your health benefits. You definitely want to make sure that your provider is in-network to help keep your cost down. Also, look for the availability of telehealth or virtual visits.

Upper-left graphics show a hand grasping a smartphone, a woman sitting at a laptop, and $186 in cash bills.

WOMAN: That's where you connect with a provider on your cell phone or on a laptop, and that can also help keep your cost lower.

Blue text on white.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Remember Specialty Benefits

She continues speaking. Graphics show dentist cleaning a woman's teeth and a pair of glasses on an eye chart.

WOMAN: And you do not want to forget about those specialty benefits: your dental, your vision, accident protection.

Now, a graphic at left shows a smiling woman peering through her fingers.

WOMAN: There's actually research that shows a link between eye health and overall health. Speaking of overall health, we have to talk about wellness programs because they are becoming more and more popular.

As she speaks, the graphics at left show a man gripping a smartphone with a fitness tracker on his wrist, the words "high cholesterol" behind a red "no" symbol, and women in a cardio fitness class.


WOMAN: You can actually get money back for wearing a fitness tracker, lowering your cholesterol, even going to the gym. It's just one more consideration when choosing your health benefits.

The graphics disappear and blue text slides onscreen at left as she speaks.

ON SCREEN TEXT: www.uhcopenrollment.com

WOMAN: If you need a little more information on open enrollment, go to UHCOpenEnrollment.com. There we have videos and other articles to give you all the information you need.

The blue UnitedHealthcare logo displays on a white background and the scene fades to black.

ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare®