Transcript: What You Need to Know About Allergens Hiding in Your Home

[Video Run Time – :38]

[:00 Soft piano music plays while text dissolves on screen over shot of bedroom] "7 ways to combat household allergens."

[:05 Video cuts to different angle of bed. Text dissolves on screen while camera pans across foot of the bed.] “1. Wash bedding once a week.”

[:09 Video pans across pillows while text dissolves on screen.] "2. Use dust-proof pillows and hypoallergenic mattress covers.”

[:12 Video cuts to pan across wood floor in home. Furniture on the periphery.  Text dissolves on screen.] “3. Reduce fabrics in your home with tile or hardwood.”

[:17 Video cuts to medium shot looking down on wood floor.] “4. Sweep areas that might attract pests every two to three days.”

[:20 Video cuts to long-haired dog on couch in family room.]

[:24 Video cuts to close up of dog chewing on pet toy while text fades on screen.] “5. Bathe and brush pets often to remove pet dander.”

[:27 Video cuts to pan across carpeted floor in family room of home.] “6. Vacuum regularly with a high efficiency air filter.”

[:30 Video cuts to stuffed animal sitting on couch while text appears over screen] “7. Wash stuffed animals in hot water.”

[:35 Video cuts to white background with logo full screen] “UnitedHealthcare.”