Transcript: Helping a Community Recover and Return Home From a Devastating Flood

Photos of flooded homes appear as gentle music plays. The floodwaters rise halfway up the first-story windows.

The screen fades to black, and text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          In August of 2016,

                                    more than 20 inches of rain fell

                                    in Southeast Louisiana

                                    in just 4 days.

Gladiola Haney sits on a couch and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Gladiola Haney

                                    Flood Survivor

GLADIOLA: I wasn't gonna leave, but my neighbor told me, said, "You better come on, because it's finna flood."

A photo shows a submerged one-story house. Another photo shows a motorboat passing by a flooded yellow house.

The screen fades to black, and text appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Gladiola Haney, along with

                                    146,000 people, lost their homes

                                    and belongings in the flood.

Kelly Stewart sits on a couch and speaks to someone off-camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Kelly Stewart

                                    Flood Survivor and Ms. Haney's niece

KELLY: They tell you it's material, but you work hard for it.

A photo shows a neighborhood street lined with piles of debris.

KELLY: And not to be able to get it or take it, that's painful, that's hurtful.

A photo shows a mildewed mattress, piles of broken furniture, and other ruined household items after the flood. A broken wall decoration reads "GR NDMA."

Gladiola speaks to someone off-camera.

GLADIOLA: Ever since I've been in Glen Oaks ain't never seen a flood.

A photo shows Gladiola's red and white house after the flood. The front yard is streaked with mud.

KELLY: Stuff everywhere. Dirt all on the walls.

A photo shows a water line on a wood-paneled wall.

KELLY: And it's just--it's nasty, 'cause you got fumes and filth all running through your house now.

A photo shows mold growing on a ceiling.

Gladiola continues speaking.

GLADIOLA: I miss my home. I'm used to it, been there for a long time.

The screen fades to black, and text appears as uplifting music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Through a $100,000 grant made

                                    possible by UnitedHealthcare,

                                    SBP built this home

                                    and dozens of others

                                    in Baton Rouge.

Elizabeth Egle speaks to someone off-camera in front of Gladiola Haney's house. She wears a puffy vest with an SBP logo on it.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Elizabeth Egle

                                    Chief Development Officer - SBP

ELIZABETH: For Miss Haney, we met her years after the flood, and very quickly got to work gutting her home, doing mold remediation, and then putting up the walls.

Photos show the interior of Gladiola's house during the renovation. First, the wooden beams of the walls and ceiling are visible. Then, a photo shows drywall stacked in a room. Finally, new walls surround a door.

Outside, Brad Grundmeyer speaks to someone off-camera. A UnitedHealthcare banner hangs behind him.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Brad Grundmeyer

                                    Vice President of sales, marketing, and outreach - UHC

BRAD: When it comes to getting people back in their homes, it's getting their lives back. There's nothing like--a house is a house until it's a home.

A photo shows Gladiola's restored home, now painted a bright purple.

BRAD: It's a place that you live and she can make memories here.

Elizabeth addresses a crowd outside Gladiola's home.

ELIZABETH: Miss Haney is an essential member of this neighborhood.

Gladiola walks through her restored home.

ELIZABETH: She, for many years, has taken in disadvantaged youth, cooked for them, sheltered them, allowed them to have a safe place to be.

In her kitchen, Gladiola greets and hugs a woman wearing an SBP T-shirt.

WOMAN: I'm so happy for you.

GLADIOLA: Thank you.

Outside, Brad speaks to someone off-camera.

BRAD: We are a health company, but we're also a company that is deeply rooted in making a difference in the lives of people...

Brad takes a lamp from a van and gives it to a woman.

BRAD: These are beautiful.

People carry new furniture into Gladiola's house.

BRAD: Whether it's housing or helping people with transportation getting jobs.

A woman places a fuzzy pillow on a couch. The pillow reads "CHRISTMAS CHEER HERE," with an arrow pointing underneath.

BRAD: You know, those things that we talk about a lot have a lot to do with people's health.

A woman walks down a hallway carrying two lamps.

A man holds a stack of towels.

MAN: Some fresh, nice towels.

GLADIOLA: Thank you.

Inside, people wearing SBP T-shirts assemble furniture.

ELIZABETH: All the things that are destroyed when water rises we were able to then put that back in and create a safe and comfortable home for her to spend holidays.

A woman unboxes a curtain rod.

Sitting on the couch, a woman unwraps a festive candle. Next to her, a woman holds a new holiday wreath.

A woman in a UnitedHealthcare T-shirt hangs an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Kelly speaks to someone off-camera.

KELLY: We got somewhere to party now... (laughs)

Gladiola and a woman laugh in the kitchen. On the table in front of them is a birthday cake.

KELLY: And have fun with her.

Gladiola shakes a woman's hand.

WOMAN: Yes, thank you. We're so happy. We're so glad we could do this for you.

Elizabeth speaks to someone off-camera.

ELIZABETH: So to see the joy that she had, to know that she can now be home, it's so special.

Outside, Kelly and Gladiola laugh.

GLADIOLA: (laughs) Yeah, it's beautiful.

KELLY: I love it!

GLADIOLA: Yeah, yeah.

KELLY: It looks good.

GLADIOLA: Yeah, I love it too.

Gladiola cuts a large gold ribbon in front of her house.

ALL: Welcome home! (cheering)

The crowd cheers and applauds as Gladiola smiles.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare

The screen fades to black.