Transcript: Are the Numbers on the Scale Holding You Back? With Real Appeal, They Don’t Have To.

Patrick puts a white bicycle helmet on his head in his garage. Light music plays.

Patrick rides his bike down his driveway, towards the camera.

PATRICK: I never thought I had a weight problem.

Patrick sits in his yard and addresses someone off camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Patrick Schneider

Real Appeal User

PATRICK: I would always say, "Well, I'm 250 pounds. I've been 250 pounds forever."

Charlotte Schneider sits in her backyard on a patio next to Patrick and addresses someone off camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Charlotte Schneider

Patrick's wife

CHARLOTTE: I could see he was gaining weight and getting more and more overweight and not doing exercises, and just his eating habits, so we wanted him to live longer.

A photo of Charlotte and Patrick on a beach fades in over the video.

A photo of Patrick holding the leash of a dog in front of a garage appears.

Patrick sits in his backyard and addresses someone off camera.

PATRICK: What really helped was when my daughter--youngest daughter got married a couple of years ago, we had to get me a new suit. The only pants that would fit me were size 46 waist.

A photo of Patrick and Charlotte appears. Patrick wears a black suit with a red vest and Charlotte has a corsage on her wrist.

PATRICK: That was kind of the first time I actually looked at myself in a side profile in the mirror and went, "Oh, my God."

A photo of Patrick in a living room appears. He's smiling in to the camera and holding up two plastic grabber toys of dinosaur heads.

Patrick sits in his backyard.

PATRICK: "I really am a size 46. What happened?" A couple of years ago, our health insurance changed to a plan that, among other things, included Real Appeal.

Patrick pulls a large bag of grapes from the refrigerator and places a bunch of grapes on a scale on the counter.

PATRICK: It taught me how to manage my calorie intake, versus the exercise I do or don't do.

A close-up shot shows Patrick pushing a button on the scale.

Emma Sugerman sits in an office and addresses someone off camera.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Emma Sugerman

Senior Director of Product - Real Appeal

EMMA: So Real Appeal is a 52-week intensive lifestyle intervention program that is targeted towards weight and weight loss and weight-related health conditions. It's a 30-minute weekly class, and those class sessions are split evenly.

A chat conversation appears in front of a red and orange background, next to white text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Members engage with

each other

and ask questions

via real time chat.

The chat conversation slides to the right side and a video of a woman wearing a headset microphone appears.

EMMA: 15 minutes engaging course content led by a coach, and 15 minutes video in that same session.

Emma sits in her office.

The coach wearing a headset looks into her web cam and speaks.

COACH: So many of you guys sent me fantastic messages this week telling me about your successes.

PATRICK: The coaches are very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable, and then having other people dialing in for the class that have, either the same issues or different issues and hearing about what their problems are or what their successes are kind of reinforces the program for you.

Patrick holds a tablet device in his kitchen.

A man in a vest appears in front of a white background next to a chat conversation and speaks in to the camera.

Patrick taps the screen of his tablet in the kitchen.

Patrick sits in his backyard.

Emma sits in her office and speaks to someone off camera.

EMMA: What we do with Real Appeal, we take this engage the willing approach. So we take universal messaging, positive approach of, "lose weight and feel better," "make an impactful change in your life," you know, real lifestyle tips and tricks that are sustainable, not a flash-in-the-pan approach.

Patrick rides his bike past houses on the road. White text overlays the video.

ON SCREEN TEXT: To date, Real Appeal

has helped 560,000 participants

lose more than

1.9 million pounds.

PATRICK: I am now at 190.

Patrick rounds a corner on his bike and rides past the camera.

Patrick sits in his backyard.

PATRICK: I am actually being encouraged by my wife to put on a few pounds, but I kind of like where I'm at.

A photo of Patrick standing in his house and looking at the camera appears.

Patrick takes a bowl from a cabinet in the kitchen and pours a measured cup of cereal into it.

CHARLOTTE: I think just taking his time eating and actually sitting down and enjoying the meal, instead of just see how much I can eat in a short amount of time.

Patrick taps the screen of his tablet in the kitchen.

Charlotte sits in the backyard and speaks to someone off camera.

Close-up shot shows Patrick in his backyard speaking to someone off camera.

PATRICK: I feel as good as I've ever felt.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.


ON SCREEN TEXT: UnitedHealthcare