Transcript: Healthier Skin May Start with This Simple Routine

Blue text appears on a white background. Light music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            What is the difference

                                             between aging

                                             and sun damage?

Dr. Jaime Davis appears in a doctor's office and addresses the camera. She sits in front of a computer desk, near a sink.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            Dr. Jaime Davis

                                             Uptown Dermatology & SkinSpa

JAIME: A lot of what we think of as skin aging is really what we call, in dermatology, photoaging, or ultraviolet light, sun-induced aging.

A close-up shot of a person's face shows skin discoloration below their eye.

JAIME: So thank goodness we have ways to try to reverse some of that sun damage.

Jaime appears in the doctor's office.

JAIME: So our main strategy with combating photoaging, number one, sunscreen.

A photo appears of some applying sunscreen to their upper arm.

JAIME: That's gotta be the cornerstone. So SPF 30 or higher on a daily basis.

Jaime appears in the doctor's office.

JAIME: Secondly, to start reversing the pigment and building some collagen, I like to have people put on a little vitamin C on freshly washed skin.

A photo of a liquid droplet protruding from an eyedropper above someone's finger appears. A bottle of yellow liquid sits below.

A small bottle lays on top of a pile of orange slices.

JAIME: So the vitamin C would come before the sunscreen, and that's in the morning, and at night, the key is a retinoid.

Jaime appears in the doctor's office.

JAIME: Your program is kind of fairly simple. We can boil it down.

A blue background slides to cover the screen. An illustrated sun and clouds appear. Text appears in a list as she goes through the steps.

JAIME: Cleanse in the morning, put on some vitamin C, and then sunscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            1. Cleanse in the


ON SCREEN TEXT:            2. Put on some

                                             Vitamin C

ON SCREEN TEXT:            3. Sunscreen

The bottom half of the screen turns dark and an illustrated crescent moon appears, along with three small stars.

JAIME: And at night, cleanse, and if you want to put a little moisturizer after you cleanse, that works in conjunction with your Retinol.

ON SCREEN TEXT:            4. Cleanse at night

ON SCREEN TEXT:            5. Moisturizer

ON SCREEN TEXT:            6. Put on Retinol

JAIME: They tend to be a little drying, so the moisturizer can just help make the skin a little more receptive.

Jaime appears in the doctor's office.

The screen fades to white and the UnitedHealthcare logo appears.