Transcript: Virginia Family Dentistry, UnitedHealthcare Launch Innovative Relationship Focused on Quality Dental Care, Lower Costs for Patients

The camera rises over the brick Virginia Family Dentistry building on a sunny day. White text in the lower left identifies the location. Dr. Neil Turnage begins speaking in voiceover.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Henrico, Virginia

NEIL: We're a dental practice that believes in a team approach.

Dr. Turnage, wearing gloves, a surgical mask, and magnifying lenses, studies a patient's teeth in the examination room.

NEIL: All right, so let's see how teeth's looking today. So I'm looking to see if you have any cavities.

An extreme close-up shows the patient's teeth as Dr. Turnage holds a dental mirror over the molars.

NEIL: You got some nice teeth.

He addresses the camera in the examination room. White text on a blue graphic identifies him by name and title in the lower left.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Dr. Neil Turnage, DDS

                                    Virginia Family Dentistry


NEIL: Dental care is very much essential to your health because of lots of reasons.

He continues speaking in voiceover while cleaning the patient's teeth.

NEIL: Diabetes, heart disease-- all are linked to poor dental health.

A bird's-eye view of the dental building. The scene dims as white text appears in center screen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare and Virginia Family Dentistry

                                    have launched an innovative relationship

                                    focused on delivering value for

                                    dental patients in metro-Richmond.


Marianne Randazzo addresses the camera in a small beige room with a potted plant in the background. Her name and title appear on a blue graphic in the lower left. A brief outside view of the dental building appears while she speaks.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Marianne Randazzo

                                    UnitedHealthcare - Mid-Atlantic Region VP of Sales


MARIANNE: This arrangement is simply unique. 15 locations, 60 dentists. Depth of expertise in the pediatric industry. Orthodontists, endodontists.

Dr. Turnage speaks to Randazzo in the exam room.

NEIL: 'Cause we've seen dental benefits not change for the last...


NEIL: 30, 40 years.

Randazzo speaks to the camera.

MARIANNE: If you appreciate the fact that dental care does tie with medical care, that's something we need to solve for. We have a responsibility.

From the vantage point of the exam chair, Dr. Turnage's arm moves the lamp over the camera. Another view shows the chair from the ground up as Randazzo continues in voiceover.

MARIANNE: If you, for example-- you know, your dentist determined that you needed an implant or you needed a root canal, now you're concerned that, is my dental insurance actually going to cover this procedure?

She continues her interview in the beige room.

MARIANNE: This collaboration eliminates all of that. Rest assured, the approvals are-- haven't eliminated, and the chances of a surprise bill-- basically mitigated.

She speaks in voiceover as she as Dr. Turnage walk down a narrow hallway together.

MARIANNE: We've made the decision to waive a lot of the approval process and prior authorization process that most consumers have with other dental practices.

A close-up of dental tools on a lime green tray. The scene dims as white text appears onscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          Under this program, pre-authorizations are

                                    waived for procedures like root canals

                                    and dental implants.


Dr. Turnage speaks in voiceover as he studies a computer screen in his office while wearing a surgical mask.

NEIL: Anything that helps us coordinate healthcare-- I just think it's gonna make it easier for us in the long run,

A close-up view shows digital images of tooth roots on the computer screen. He speaks to the camera.

NEIL: so we can tell the patients right away, "This is what your plan will cover and this is how we're gonna do it and this is what your portion will be" without any question.

Marianne speaks over a close-up of dental tools and Dr. Turnage and his patient studying an x-ray together.

- So getting the patient to the dentist: is the first step.

MARIANNE: We all, at the end of the day, have mutually aligned goals.

A full-screen view of the x-ray, followed by Dr. Turnage explaining it.

NEIL: This is a panorex x-ray. It is a view of the overall mouth.

Randazzo addresses the camera.

MARIANNE: It can work for both the consumer, for the employer, right-- who's offering better benefits now at a better value-- as well as the provider and the insurer.

An extreme close-up shows the panorex x-ray. Dr. Turnage talks to his patient, and the patient nods.

NEIL: It all looks good.

The scene fades to white as the blue UnitedHealthcare logo appears onscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT:          UnitedHealthcare®