Transcript: Transforming the future of health care through innovation

Upbeat violin music plays as a blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background. It unfurls into blue ribbon and weaves across the screen. Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Transforming the future of health care

A middle-aged woman with blonde hair interviews in a bright room and a banner appears with text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Kaylene Thompson

                                    Vice President, Innovation, UnitedHealthcare

THOMPSON: I’m Kaylene Thompson, the VP of Innovation for UnitedHealthcare.

A woman gives a presentation in an office and speaks with team members. Coworkers meet and work by a window. A woman takes notes and another woman looks from her phone to her laptop.

THOMPSON: Teams like mine are making sure that when we bring solutions for clients, they are the most leading-edge solutions that are backed by subject matter experts that have said these things can work.

Thompson interviews.

THOMPSON: And these things will help drive the kind of engagement you want out of a population to be able get to better health outcomes.

Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Innovating for Everyone

Three white circles line up on an aqua background, showing minimalist graphics of a membership card, a couple of office buildings, and a stethoscope.

THOMPSON: When we think about innovation, we think about three critical users: the members, the clients, and the providers.

The images face and the circles merge into one. A birds eye view of three different-colored stick figures holding hands in a circle appears in it.

THOMPSON: And we have to put them in the center of everything we do to make sure that we create successful solutions for them.

Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Data drives actions

Thompson interviews.

THOMPSON : Data’s more available than it’s been before. It’s more transparent, and consumers are expecting us to meet them on that journey.

An aqua silhouette of mainland USA appears on a blue background and orange location icons pop up across the country.

THOMPSON: As the nation’s largest healthcare payer, we have access to a wealth of data, and that’s really important when it comes to a personalization story.

The map slides away and the blue background becomes a desktop with a notebook, pen, monitor, keyboard, and a hand moving a mouse. A line graph connecting yellow dots appears on the monitor. One of the yellow dots shines and the person’s other hand points to it.

THOMPSON: Our ability to put that together in a way that really can create better outcomes for them, and is more specific to an individual member’s needs, is unprecedented.

Words appear on a white background as Thompson speaks.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Data alone doesn’t drive the value
                                    The value comes from the insights

THOMPSON: Data alone doesn’t drive the value. The value comes from the insights.

Thompson interviews.

THOMPSON: Insights help us generate action, and that action is what allows us to create better solutions.

Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Personalizing member experiences

Thompson interviews.

THOMPSON: The way that innovation plays a role in healthcare is being able to help make sure that people are really able to live healthier lives in a way that’s consistent with their expectations.

In an animation, a hand places an apple beside a calendar on a wall shelf. A window shows a cloudy sky and a bag of groceries sits on a counter.

THOMPSON: The rise of digital has allowed us to personalize experiences in a way that we haven’t seen before.

Now a person stands in front of a computer monitor which shows an apple user icon above the name “Jill”. A password appears in a text bar under it. Then everything slides out of sight except for the apple, which flies off the monitor and lands on a white circle on an aqua background. A finger taps the apple and the circle unfolds into the shape of a phone screen with line graphs and charts.

Text appears on a blue background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     Innovation is Collaboration

THOMPSON: Innovation, it’s an exercise of collaboration.

Thompson interviews.

THOMPSON: It’s so important that in an industry this complex, that we have multiple inputs coming from both internal and external sources, and that helps inform the decisions that we make.

Words appear on a white background as Thompson speaks.

ON SCREEN TEXT:     When we bring something to market
                                    We really believe in it

THOMPSON: That means when we bring something to market and offer it to a client, we really believe in it.

Thompson interviews.

THOMPSON: The UnitedHealthcare Accelerator was set up to help us make sure we have good collaborations with really promising start-ups in our healthcare ecosystem to help us deliver on our purpose of helping people live healthier lives.

A woman gives a presentation to a group of people. Text on the wall behind her reads “#givefirst”. Next, a young man and woman give a presentation. The man speaks to the group while the woman works a laptop beside a large screen. Elsewhere, a man sits at his computer and takes part in a group video chat.

Text appears on a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:      UnitedHealthcare Accelerator

The text moves to the top of the screen as three lines of text appear, each beside an orange checkmark.

ON SCREEN TEXT:       $100+ million raised
                                      100+ mentors
                                      40+ companies supported

A woman speaks in a circle of attentive people. In an office, a woman points something out on a tablet to another woman. A man walks down a sidewalk outside and smiles at his phone. In a conference room, a person stands at the head of a table.

THOMPSON: We keep paying attention to what’s going on outside of our walls and find ways to bring that in, to be able to say how should we be thinking about something that might be happening in the future.

Words appear one at a time in the middle of a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:      See what’s next in health care

Text fades in on the white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:      Talk to your broker, consultant or UnitedHealthcare representative to learn more

A blue u-shaped logo appears against a white background, followed by text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:      UnitedHealthcare

The music ends and small gray text appears at the bottom.

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