Transcript: Op-ed: The rapid advancement of virtual health care

Upbeat music plays. The stacked blue U’s of the UnitedHealthcare logo appear, then swirl away as a ribbon of blue and white stripes. White text appears against a blue background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Virtual Care

                                    Whenever and


A man with combed brown hair and a blue suit interviews. Text appears.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Phil Kaufman

                                    UnitedHealthcare Chief Growth Officer and

                                    CEO, Individual & Family Plan

PHIL: Virtual care has evolved in a way that will help healthcare become more accessible, simple, and convenient for everyone.

Blue text appears against a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Connecting simplicity

                                    with convenience

Phil speaks in voiceover. In a UHC office, he walks with a brown-haired woman, then sits on a couch while meeting with other employees, who smile and nod.

PHIL: As virtual care evolves, and moves into this post-pandemic period, what we see is it’s become more than “I need to connect with my physician for an urgent care visit.” It becomes more about what I can access and use this virtual care, not just for what’s called my primary care…

Text scrolls by. Checkmarks appear next to the words, “Primary care,” Chronic care,” “Specialty care,” and “Behavioral care” as they pass.

PHIL: …but for my chronic care, for specialty, for behavioral.

Phil interviews.

PHIL: For all sorts of different things that maybe I wasn’t receiving telephonically before.

White text appears against a blue background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      2,500% increase

                                    in virtual care visits

                                    compared to pre-pandemic levels

                                    Source: UnitedHealthcare internal analysis, 2022.

Phil interviews.

PHIL: There’s always a place for what I’ll call virtual urgent care.

An animation shows a crescent moon rising in a cloudy sky. The view pulls back through a window, revealing a lamp on a side table beside a sofa. A white cat snoozes on top of the sofa. The torso of a person holding a phone comes into view.

PHIL: And you know what, it’s a Saturday night, I just need to see the nearest person as possible, perhaps my son got a cut or my daughter has a rash. Rather than using an emergency room visit, someone is gonna be able to access a much less expensive – and frankly more practical – virtual urgent care visit that’s gonna cost a fraction of an ER visit.

Text flashes past as Phil speaks.

ONSCREEN TEXT:     More practical

                                    Virtual urgent care


                                    of an ER visit

White text appears against a blue background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      $49*                            $740

                                    Virtual Visits              for a similar

                                    appointment              ER visit

Source: UnitedHealthcare data; 2020 average allowed amounts charged by UnitedHealthcare Network Providers for low-severity treatments.

*The Designated Virtual Visit Provider’s reduced rate for a 24/7 Virtual Visit is subject to change at any time.

Blue text appears against a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Addressing behavioral

                                    health needs

Phil interviews.

PHIL: When you think about behavioral providers overall just being in really short supply around the country…

A smiling man and woman walk down a sunny street. A man carries his daughter on his shoulders through a field. A farmer leans on a wooden fence. A person in a hardhat walks through towering stacks of thin wood. A woman wanders through a greenhouse brimming with green tomatoes.

PHIL: ...depending on what geographical area you live in, and let’s say I live three, four hours from a metro area, there may not be a huge amount of supply for a behavioral health provider.

A woman speaks to a doctor via a video call on her phone. A person walks hand in hand with a young child through a sprawling field of growing crops. Phil interviews.

PHIL: And now with the onset of virtual care, I’ve got ten, fifteen different options that I never had before. And so UnitedHealthcare were really thinking about making sure our network is configured in such a way that we have tons of providers who are ready, willing, and able to serve those consumers in a virtual setting.

Several circles containing illustrated healthcare-related icons appear in a web. A woman types on a laptop beside a large construction vehicle. Blue text appears against a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Virtual care

                                    continues to evolve

Phil interviews.

PHIL: What I can’t emphasize enough is that in the future virtual is not some separate channel, it’s not its own independent thing.

A doctor with a man-bun sits at a table and speaks into his laptop. Another doctor in her office wearing a headset with a stethoscope around her neck speaks to a webcam. A teenage girl video calls a doctor via her phone. Phil interviews.

PHIL: Virtual will be completely integrated into the overall course of care that you have with your physician. And you know what? Today I just, I don’t have time to make it into the office, so I’m going to see that physician virtually, or whether you’re building a virtual relationship it’s not this separate isolated thing. It really is integrated into your overall course of care.

An animation shows three test tube rack filled with yellow, blue, and orange substances.

PHIL: I’m gonna be able to take my tests and send them to a physician.

An envelope labeled “Rx” slides across the view and an orange ribbon descends from its top edge.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Certain prescriptions may not be available, and other restrictions may apply.

PHIL: If they prescribe, I’m going to be able to get that prescription delivered to me on the same day.

Phil interviews.

PHIL: We’re really striving to meet this modern consumer where they are at.

Blue text flashes past on a white background.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      Care one member at a time

Talk to your broker, consultant or UnitedHealthcare representative to learn more

A swirl of blue ribbons turn into the stacked U’s of the UnitedHealthcare logo. Text appears.

ONSCREEN TEXT:      United


24/7 Virtual Visits is a service available with a provider via video, or audio-only where permitted under state law. It is not an insurance product or a health plan. Unless otherwise required, benefits are available only when services are delivered through a Designated Virtual Network Provider. 24/7 Virtual Visits are not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions and should not be used in those circumstances. Services may not be available at all times, or in all locations, or for all members. Check your benefit plan to determine if these services are available.

Note: Due to physician licensing restrictions, virtual primary care is only available within the member’s state of residence. If the member’s location is outside of their state of residence, virtual visits for primary care will be provided as a 24/7 Virtual Visit provided by Optum Everycare Now™ or American Well (Amwell).

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