Transcript: Virtual care program helps members access hearing treatment from the comfort of their home

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ON SCREEN TEXT:   48 million Americans experience hearing loss
Lin FR, Niparko JK, Ferrucci L. Hearing loss prevalence in the United States. Arch Intern Med. 2011;171(20):1851–3.

NARRATOR: For millions of Americans with hearing loss, the condition may make it more difficult to connect with friends and family – and has been linked to other health issues such as depression and dementia. 

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ON SCREEN TEXT:   The average person waits 7 years to seek help.

Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2021, 

NARRATOR: Treatment may help, yet the average person waits seven years to access hearing aids. 

ON SCREEN TEXT:   UnitedHealthcare

NARRATOR: UnitedHealthcare Hearing has a solution.

A woman sits on a couch with her laptop on a video call with an audiologist.

NARRATOR: The new Right2You virtual hearing capability is designed to expand access to hearing health care and make it more convenient – and affordable – to purchase custom-programmed hearing aids. 

Parts of the UnitedHealthcare Hearing website are shown alongside a 10—minute online hearing screener.

NARRATOR: People can start by going online to to take an online hearing screener.

The woman is now sitting with a UnitedHealthcare Hearing audiologist making small talk before beginning an in-person hearing health appointment.

NARRATOR: If potential hearing loss is detected, people can then obtain the results of a hearing test from an in-person appointment with a UnitedHealthcare Hearing audiologist or hearing care professional – or another credentialled hearing health care provider of their choice. People can also submit the results of a recent hearing test, if available. 

A hearing aid is packaged up for shipping. It is then received by the woman.

NARRATOR: Custom-programmed hearing aids are then shipped directly to the person’s home.

The woman puts the hearing aid in and consults with the audiologist over a video call. She uses her laptop and phone to help make adjustments to settings.

NARRATOR: Instead of follow-up care being done through an in-person appointment, Right2You enables for further customization to be handled remotely with a smartphone or tablet that is paired to the hearing aids, including fittings and follow-up adjustments.


ON SCREEN TEXT:   Save up to 60%

                                    (based on suggested manufacturer pricing)

NARRATOR: Through Right2You, people across the country can save up to 60% on hearing aids compared to traditional models –  

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NARRATOR: While individuals enrolled in eligible UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored and Medicare Advantage plans may save even more. 

A young brother and sister pair greet their grandparents as they arrive for a visit.

NARRATOR: If you or a loved is experiencing hearing loss, don’t wait any longer to access treatment and get back to living your best life. 


ON SCREEN TEXT:   UnitedHealthcare


NARRATOR: Right2You – only from UnitedHealthcare Hearing.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative for more information about Right2You or visit

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