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Transcript: What You Can Learn From Two Friends’ Morning Routine

Blue text appears on a white background. Soft music plays.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   How do you motivate yourself

                                    to exercise?

Two middle-aged women stand on a sidewalk beside a lake. They put their arms around each other and smile at the camera.

WOMAN: My friend! We've been doing this for twenty-seven years. We just keep each other motivated.

The women head off down a path, walking a golden retriever and a pug.

WOMAN: Let's go!

In sunlight, the women and their dogs round a bend in the path, passing flowers and bushes.

WOMAN: To meet every morning, seven AM - we've done it as early as five - but we keep each other going.

Another woman wears a baseball cap and sunglasses as she gets interviewed in a park.

WOMAN: It's social, it's getting going in the morning so I stay energized throughout the day.

She walks along a sidewalk with three more women. Lush plants edge the path as they pass houses with manicured lawns.

WOMAN: It's just staying active with other people is really beneficial for me.

A yellow lab wags its tail as its owner sits at a table in a park building. The five women sip water and coffee as they chat around the table.

WOMAN: We take our dogs and we walk and we solve the world problems, and...

A woman stands beside a fence and speaks into a microphone.

WOMAN: ...You know if it rains, darn, then we have to go to coffee.

Blue text appears on a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   Why do you want to be

                                    healthy as you age?

The woman in a baseball cap speaks into the microphone.

WOMAN: My daughter's having our first grandchild and I want to be able to play on the floor with them and run around in the yard, so I wanna be healthy because I wanna be active with them.

The woman by the fence smiles at the interviewer.

WOMAN: Well, I've experienced my husband's mother not being healthy as she aged. So, hopefully, with walking and exercise I'll be able to live to a great age of ninety-three like my mom did, and still get around okay.

Blue text appears on a white background.

ON SCREEN TEXT:   What's your advice to stay

                                    active and healthy?

The two friends stand by the lake.

WOMAN: Working on eating healthier, I think that's probably a cornerstone that's gonna help everything.

Another middle-aged woman interviews in the park.

WOMAN: I cut back on bread and sugars.

By the lake, the other friend addresses the interviewer.

WOMAN: Exercise early in the morning. It gets you going, it puts a smile on your face. Just starts the day off right.

A U-shaped logo appears with blue text.

ON SCREEN TEXT:    UnitedHealthcare

                                    Before starting a new diet or fitness routine,

                                    please be sure to consult your doctor