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Transcript: What Diabetes Care Could Learn From Air Traffic Controllers

[Video Run Time – 2:05]

[:00 White background with logos: Children’s Minnesota | UnitedHealth Group]

[:00 Soft piano music plays under full screen, dissolves to video.]

[:02 Teenage girl walking small white dog on a leash, suburban street, snow on brown grassy lawns.]

[:08 Jackie Lamb/Type 1 diabetes patient] “I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes around Christmas time of 2010. I was in fourth grade. I just remember being in the car ride home and just crying because it’s like, I don’t know what this is but I now have something.”

[:15 Joanne Lamb/Jackie’s mother] “It made me cry when I told one of the teachers. It was emotional.”

[:18 Jackie playing flute on living room couch.]

[:20 Jackie Lamb/Type 1 diabetes patient] “Having Type 1 diabetes changed my life. I used to be scared of needles. And now I check my blood sugar like five times a day with needles.”

[:25 – Video of hands unzipping diabetes kit, continuing sequence of testing her levels.]

[:29 Closeup shot of diabetes pen poking Jackie’s finger, her monitor shows her glucose levels/numbers.]

[:31 Joanne Lamb/Jackie’s mother] “You just kind of go, ‘It’s not curable. It’s treatable. You can manage it.’”

[:38 Teenage girl and her mom happily walking down the hallway at Children’s Hospital with a female doctor.]

[:40 Dr. Laura M. Gandrud/Children’s Minnesota] “In partnership with UnitedHealth Group, as well as Optum, Children’s Minnesota conducted a randomized trial, looking at how frequent contact between the clinical staff and families and children with Type 1 diabetes could improve management.”

[:53 Jackie Lamb/Type 1 diabetes patient] “So I went to the doctor for my three-month checkup and my A1C was out of whack. And they were like hey, your A1C is in this range, do you want to be part of this study?”

[1:00 Dr. Laura M. Gandrud/Children’s Minnesota] “Hemoglobin A1C is a measure of what a child’s blood sugar has been over the prior three months. It’s important because it’s correlated with the risk of long-term complications of diabetes.”

[1:10 Video cuts away to finger prick with blood, and putting it on the test strip paper, attached to the electronic monitor that automatically calculates and provides digital display.]

[1:11 Jackie Lamb/Type 1 diabetes patient] “The study, one of the requirements was checking my blood sugar like four times a day and sending it in every week. And before then, there would be multiple days a week when I wouldn’t get any blood sugar tests. And this was getting me to check my blood sugar like four times.”

[1:22 Video cuts away to Jackie relaxing on living room couch, using cell phone. Jackie sends results of her blood sugar test through her cell phone.]

[1:26 Joanne Lamb/Jackie’s mother] “And having it on the phone with her was wonderful. That’s where it was at, she could do it herself.”

[1:30 Dr. Laura M. Grandrud/Children’s Minnesota] “The ability to see the data more frequently and to make changes more frequently allowed us to have better control of their diabetes management, particularly in the adolescents.”

[1:36 Video cuts to day shot of Jackie adjusting her electronic diabetes monitor on the waistline of her jeans. She sits down to eat a sandwich at kitchen table.]

[1:43 Jackie Lamb/Type 1 diabetes patient] “It brought my A1C down from something not so pretty to something that is right in the range. And that makes me very happy.”

[1:48 Joanne Lamb/Jackie’s mother] “She high-fived the nurse. She’s finally in the range. It was very exciting.”

[1:52 Jackie, mom Joanne looking at cell phone on living couch with small white dog on her lap.]

[1:55 Jackie Lamb/Type 1 diabetes patient] “It made me feel healthier, happier, glad to be alive.”

[1:59 White background, logos pop up full screen: Children’s Minnesota | UnitedHealth Group.]