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Data and Care Coordination is Redefining Your Primary Care Experience

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Catalyst Health Network president, Dr. Christopher Crow, grew up in a rural Texas town viewing health as a pillar of a community.

This inspired his vision for Catalyst Health Network, a clinically-integrated network committed to value-based care that connects more than 700 independent primary care physicians across northern Texas. Catalyst offers primary care physicians more tools and services than they could access on their own, strengthening their patient-centric care management model.

“We get a lot of accolades as being healthcare innovators. Quite honestly, we think we're doing very simple, common sense stuff, and we're putting it on an operational platform that can ensure performance and predictability, and actually honors relationships between a patient and a physician,” Dr. Crow said.

This commitment to value-based care has led to an estimated $50 million in savings in the past three years, along with a reduction in ER use and hospital readmissions, proving the model is working.

More information on the 3D Model of Value-Based Care can be found here