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Study Explores Whether Free Rides Lead to Better Health

“My driving life was good until they took my keys away from me.”

That’s how Bob Robles feels about no longer being able to drive. But thanks to a study initiated by AARP Foundation, University of Southern California (USC) Center for Body Computing and UnitedHealthcare, he doesn’t have to feel dependent on busy family members to drive him to his frequent diabetes care appointments or anywhere else he wants to go. He can just pick up the phone and arrange a free ride.

The three-month study provides free on-demand rides to medical appointments and social activities for select patients over age 60 in Los Angeles.

Lack of affordable transportation can lead to social isolation and limit access to health care, with approximately 3.6 million Americans each year missing medical care because of transportation issues.

USC will study whether the no-cost rides affect participants’ health, social connectedness and compliance with follow-up medical appointments.

Watch the video to learn how this program has given Bob “a new life".

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