Coming Soon: A New, Improved Member Portal for UHC Community Plan Members

Your health plan should be as easy to visit as any other website, so we are making our member portal an even more useful resource. Here’s a quick look at how we’re improving the member portal for UHC Community Plan members.

Making things easier for members.

Our member portal,, is our personalized online portal for UnitedHealthcare® Community Plan members. It is where you can see your unique plan benefits and features, view claims, find providers and more. And it’s all behind a safe and supported experience where you can login with a username and password by using the information from your member ID card.

Redesign highlights.

When the portal launches, you’ll see an enhanced digital platform with an updated look and feel. Other highlights include:

  • Improved site navigation and user experience.
  • Increased personalization.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • Ability to change primary care provider online.
  • Manage personal preferences.
  • New benefits & coverage experience.
  • Dedicated health & wellness content.

Includes the same great features as before.

There are still features that will remain from the old portal as well. You will still be able to:

  • View medical, dental, vision & mental health benefits.
  • Search for providers & facilities.
  • Find covered drugs & review drug costs.
  • View your member ID card.
  • See claims and account balances.
  • Quickly & easily connect with nurses & Member Services.
  • View recommended care messages.

The updated member portal is set to launch on January 1, 2019.

Visit this website to find out more about the improved member portal.