Offering Students a Second Chance at Breakfast

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We often hear the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but the mornings can be a whirlwind for many students. Some have to catch the bus or take siblings to school, so breakfast can often get forgotten.

Many school districts across the nation offer breakfast before the day begins (either for free or at a reduced price). However, for many students, the timing isn’t convenient, and they may miss out on this opportunity. 

At Richfield High School, outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, “Second Chance Breakfast” now gives students the chance to get a grab-and-go meal between their first and second class, giving them the fuel and brainpower they need to succeed at school each day. 

GENYOUth, an organization that specializes in national initiatives that nurture healthy, high-achieving students and school communities, helped lead these efforts with the support of Midwest Dairy and UnitedHealthcare. The UnitedHealthcare donation of $100,000 is funding breakfast carts and equipment for 10 schools across Minnesota, including Richfield High School. Midwest Dairy is supporting these programs by working with local dairy farmers to help ensure students are offered a nutritious meal to start their day, consisting of dairy products like milk and cheese as well as fruit and assortments of breads. 

This is not only helping students feel more engaged in the mornings, but teachers are also witnessing an improvement in their learning. The proof is in the numbers. Based on similar programs GENYOUth implemented in other states, seven out of 10 students report performing better academically after having breakfast.

Now, no matter how their morning goes, students have the chance to fuel up with a healthy breakfast that gets them ready to conquer a day of learning.