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Want to Know How Much Your Prescription Will Cost Before You Leave the Doctor’s Office?

When it comes to prescriptions, patients sometimes leave doctors’ offices with a lot of unanswered questions. How much will I have to pay out of pocket for this medication? Does my plan cover it? Do I need a pre-authorization? Should I consider a generic option?

UnitedHealthcare is the first health plan to offer a new tool, available to all care providers in its network. PreCheck MyScript allows providers in real time to access a patient’s electronic medical record and enter their preferred pharmacy and prescription information to determine whether the patient’s benefit plan covers a specific medication, details exact out-of-pocket costs and offers less expensive alternatives.

Most importantly, PreCheck MyScript gives physicians a chance to discuss all medication options with patients face-to-face, helping improve the exam-room experience.

If you’re a physician and interested in learning more about PreCheck MyScript through UnitedHealthcare click here.