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A $700,000 Donation and 120 Volunteers Help Fight Food Insecurity


One in 10 people living in Wisconsin struggle to feed themselves and their families each day. This often causes them to sacrifice purchasing nutritious food in order to pay their monthly bills – a decision that may lead to poor health.

In these cases, food pantries are a necessary resource for fresh food. However, food pantries lack the refrigeration necessary to meet the demand and properly store produce. Recognizing this, UnitedHealthcare donated $700,000 to Feeding Wisconsin to install more than 50 new refrigerators and establish training programs on how to safely handle and distribute fresh produce. These refrigerators will now allow food pantries to increase their capacity for food and vegetable donations.

To help celebrate this donation, more than 120 UnitedHealthcare employees volunteered at four Feeding Wisconsin food banks to fight food insecurity. Within just a couple hours, they sorted 41,055 pounds of apples, pears and corn, providing 47,000 daily servings of produce to the people who face those tough financial and health-impacting decisions.

This donation is part of a larger $1.95 million commitment from UnitedHealthcare to expand social services in Wisconsin for hundreds of thousands more people.