Monitoring Your Daily Activity Is Now as Easy as Looking at Your Watch for the Time

Look to your left. Now, look to your right. Do you see someone with a wearable device? It’s likely your answer is yes, as this accessory is becoming more and more common, especially with people being increasingly health-conscious.

In fact, a growing number of people are using wearables to understand their daily activity levels, and employers are taking notice. An estimated 35 percent of employers have integrated this type of technology into the well-being programs they offer their employees.

Infographic: Smart Watch with UHC Motion FIT across screen.

UnitedHealthcare Motion® is one example. The program provides eligible health plan participants access to wearables that can help them earn more than $1,000 per year by meeting daily walking goals. Registered individuals have the opportunity to earn up to $4 per day based on achieving the FIT goals*:

  • Frequency: Complete at least 500 steps within seven minutes, six times per day, at least an hour apart;
  • Intensity: Complete at least 3,000 steps within 30 minutes; and
  • Tenacity: Complete at least 10,000 total steps each day.

To date, those enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Motion have collectively walked more than 235 billion steps and earned nearly $38 million in rewards. Program enrollees have logged a daily average of nearly 12,000 steps, which is more than twice the approximately 5,200 steps taken by the average American adult.**

“UnitedHealthcare Motion’s success affirms that wearables can play an important role in helping people enhance their well-being and supporting and motivating them to stay engaged in their health,” said Rebecca Madsen, chief consumer officer of UnitedHealthcare.

The program is taking it one step further by adding Apple Watch®.  Now, eligible UnitedHealthcare Motion participants can use Apple Watch to see how they are tracking against the program’s three daily FIT goals. For people who don’t already own a wearable, they can receive and start using Apple Watch (initially paying only tax and shipping) and then apply program earnings toward the purchase price, owning the device – with a zero balance – after approximately six months of meeting daily walking goals.

Well-being programs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the integration of wearables are helping make many of them even better by offering you an easier and simpler way to monitor your health.

Check with your health plan to see what well-being programs you may be eligible for.

Apple Watch is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

*Financial incentives may be less due to limits under applicable laws.
**All UnitedHealthcare Motion results based on 2018 internal analysis of program participants.