Caring for our Members in Brazil: Monalisa’s Story

For years, Monalisa Quirillo struggled with chronic health conditions. The 42-year-old Brazilian battled obesity, high blood pressure and depression. At 240 pounds, she suffered a serious health incident when her blood pressure spiked to dangerous levels.

Monalisa knew she needed to make significant changes to her lifestyle, so she visited UnitedHealthcare’s Clube Vida de Saúde, which offers a unique approach to health care.

The center, which was introduced in late 2016 through UnitedHealthcare’s local health benefits company, Amil, considers the whole person, or the many facets of a person’s life that contribute to their overall health. Monalisa was enrolled in nutrition and exercise programs at a wellness center and, for the first time, her care was coordinated through a team that included a family physician, nutritionist and psychologist.

The whole-person, connected care model was created to help improve the patient experience and produce better health outcomes while lowering costs. Centers like Clube Vida de Saúde differ from other outpatient clinics in that they have care coordination at their core, and provide a range of services including: primary and specialty physician visits, nutritionists, psychologists, lab testing and imaging, pharmacy services, wound care services and more.

As a result of this approach, Monalisa lost nearly 90 pounds in three years and feels much healthier.

“Today, everything is easier,” Monalisa said. “I do simple day-to-day things that I couldn’t before, like reaching down to tie my shoes.”

UnitedHealthcare’s History in Brazil

Monalisa’s story is just one example of how health care is changing in Brazil and the important role UnitedHealthcare is playing in helping to facilitate that change.

UnitedHealth Group entered Brazil in 2012 with a goal to modernize the local health care system. In 6 years, UnitedHealth Group Brasil has grown to serve 4 million medical members and 2 million dental members. In addition, UnitedHealth Group Brasil operates 34 hospitals and more than 95 clinics and outpatient centersi like the one that helped Monalisa.

Utilizing three distinct businesses including Optum, Americas Serviços Médicos (the medical delivery business), and Amil (a health benefits managed care organization), UnitedHealth Group Brasil is able to positively affect Brazil’s health care market with award-winning customer care and efforts to treat the whole person rather than just the condition. This approach is helping people in Brazil live healthier lives, like Monalisa.

This year, she has added bodybuilding and regular walking to her wellness routine. She’s also training for and looking forward to participating in a running event in the near future.

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 iAs of February 28, 2018