Meet the 2020 Everyday Lifechangers

Trudy Ryan, Sheila Wills, Eddie Martinez and Jeremy Ayers have been recognized for helping to simplify the health care experience while bringing kindness to their work, especially as members navigate the unknowns of COVID-19. 

*Please note: These videos were filmed before COVID-19 physical distancing recommendations were put in place.

Trudy Ryan, Clarity Creator

Trudy, an associate director in Employer & Individual marketing, knew her team would need to shift some of its focus to help provide the best virtual experience to customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Instead of live, in-person benefit events, she joined efforts to provide more informational materials through digital channels. 

“I take pride in making things simple, concise and clear so people can more easily pick the right plan,” Trudy said.

Sheila Wills, ProblemEraser

Shelia, a senior Navigate4Me service lead works with members facing major health events like cancer, cardiac issues, muscular skeletal concerns and joint replacement surgeries. 

“During the COVID-19 health crisis, my role has grown to be more reassuring for seniors who tell me they’re afraid,” she says.  “I let them know we’re here to help, I encourage them to be hopeful and I send them a big hug through the phone.”

Eddie Martinez, CompassionBringer

Eddie Martinez, a care manager and social worker for the Solutions for Caregivers team, views his role as a privilege for someone who cares for the caregivers. 

“With the pandemic, I’m making more outbound calls to make sure members have medication and food and are staying safe at home. I try to bring a little light and magic to them during some dark times,” Eddie said.

Jeremy Ayers, DigitalConnector

With the arrival of COVID-19, Jeremy, a digital capability manager in Government Programs and a 2019 Service Hero, helped to quickly test and launch even more digital resources for members and advocates, removing obstacles along their health care journey.

“This brings me joy,” he said.