Close the Door on These Three Open Enrollment Mistakes

During open enrollment, selecting the ideal health insurance plan in a timely fashion can seem overwhelming. One key piece to this potentially perplexing puzzle is understanding what not to do before the deadline – keeping in mind that the cut-off varies depending on what type of plan you are in. Avoiding these three missteps can help you navigate open enrollment season with peace of mind and time to spare.


1. Choosing a Plan May Seem Off-Putting. Don’t Put It Off. Resist the urge to procrastinate; rather take time to read through, understand and compare health care insurance plan options. Doing your research and creating a checklist of advantages and disadvantages for potential plans may help zero in on the best fit for 2018 coverage. To get started, consider a few pointers outlined here.

2. Review Before You Renew. Avoid the natural tendency to put your 2017 health care plan on “repeat” without a bit of due diligence. Automatically renewing coverage from one year to the next may result in missing out on important benefits or paying more than necessary. Someone in good health, who is on a high premium low deductible plan, may save more by moving to a high deductible low premium plan. Play it smart – hit pause and thoroughly review plan benefits, noting changes related to specifics such as reimbursement rates and premiums.

3. Double Check Meds and MDs. Don’t assume your doctor and/or prescription medications are covered in the 2018 plan you’re considering, as this could equate to loss of time and money in the long run. Examine the summary of plan benefits, noting the list of covered drugs and scanning the provider directory to make sure your coverage reflects your needs.

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