PreCheck MyScript: An innovative industry solution helping improve the landscape of prescribing outcomes

Getting people the right prescription medications for the most reasonable cost and without delay: That’s something both doctors and patients agree is a good idea. And now, a new online solution available through Link, UnitedHealthcare’s online portal for doctors, makes it much easier to do just that.

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PreCheck MyScript allows doctors to run a pharmacy trial claim before prescribing a medication for patients with UnitedHealthcare plans. Doctors can see how much a patient would have to pay for a medication if she went to her preferred pharmacy at that very moment to pick it up. The system will also give lower-cost alternatives when available for higher cost medications in order to save patients money.

And here’s the really cool part — when doctors look up a particular medication, they can see immediately whether the patient’s plan covers the medication and whether it requires a prior authorization. If it does, doctors can request approval right from the app in just a few clicks.

UnitedHealthcare teamed up with it’s sister company OptumRx to develop the application. As a leading pharmacy care services provider, OptumRx uses its understanding of pharmacy benefits and developed the ability to connect pharmacy data to the tools that physicians use every day to help create PreCheck MyScript.

Being able to see which medications require prior authorizations can save doctors’ offices a great deal of time and effort. Offices that haven’t transitioned to electronic medical records still rely on fax machines and phone calls to get approval for certain medications. That process can eat up precious hours of time for the administrative staff who oversee the back office, not to mention the patients waiting for their medicine. With PreCheck MyScript, doctors or administrative staff can request prior authorization electronically and usually receive an answer within 24 to 72 hours.

For doctors and administrators interested in using PreCheck MyScript, there are four simple steps to get started:

1. Sign in to to access Link, then click on the PreCheck MyScript application tile.       

  • If you don’t have PreCheck MyScript on your Link dashboard, select the Link marketplace on Link and search for the PreCheck MyScript app. Add the app to your dashboard to start using it.

2. Click “Check Prescription Coverage” and enter the member name and identification (to save you time, the member’s information will pre-populate if they’re a current UnitedHealthcare member).

3. Enter the medication name and prescription information.

4. Enter the member’s chosen pharmacy (this is pre-filled in for current members).