5 digital exercise ideas to help fuel your fitness goals

Technology is making it easier to enjoy the benefits of a group workout class without the hassles of commutes or crowds. These days, a subscription to a digital fitness service like Apple Fitness+ can put hundreds of fitness options at your fingertips, virtually anywhere and anytime you want to access them.

If you’re looking for ideas to launch or switch up your exercise game, consider five online fitness classes that may help with your wellness goals:

  1. High-intensity interval training: Commonly called a HIIT workout, high-intensity interval training is alternating short bursts of intense activity with intervals of less intense exercise. HIIT can be part of stationary cycling, elliptical, treadmill running or walking routines. The health benefits of these time-efficient workouts may be as good or better than endurance training.
  2. Strength: Strength training with resistance bands or weights may help to maintain and increase muscle mass, which tends to decline with age. Strength training may also increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories and potentially shed pounds. It may also be beneficial for your joints, bone density and overall balance.
  3. Core: Your core is a group of muscles that stabilizes and controls your pelvis and spine. Core exercises train these muscles to work in harmony, while also helping to create better balance and stability. Strong core muscles can make it easier to do all kinds of physical activities and may also help alleviate back pain.
  4. Yoga: Yoga classes generally emphasize physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. The intensity of classes can vary greatly from gentle practices to physically demanding poses. Yoga may offer physical perks, such as strength, balance and flexibility, and mental benefits like improved mood and alertness.
  5. Dance: Besides the calorie burn, which may be a couple of hundred calories in just 30 minutes, dance-focused exercise may strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. Plus, you might pick up a few new moves for the next time you hit a real dance floor.

Worth noting: Eligible UnitedHealthcare members with an iPhone* who are enrolled in a fully insured plan can sign up for Apple Fitness+ and access a 12-month subscription at no additional cost.** The subscription unlocks access to a library of over 3,500 workouts and meditations with workout types including HIIT, Strength, Core, Yoga, Treadmill, Kickboxing and many more, all led by a diverse and inclusive team of trainers.

Apple Fitness+ workouts and meditations can be streamed on iPhone*, iPad and Apple TV. Users with an Apple Watch can continue to take their experience to the next level with personalized real-time metrics that display on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Fitness+ motivates users from start to finish with music by today’s top artists.

One more thing: To help make the most of your fitness routine, some UnitedHealthcare members may be able to use their Apple Watch as part of UnitedHealthcare Rewards . This new wellness program can enable eligible members to earn up to $1,000*** per year for meeting various daily and one-time healthy activities, including walking more than 5,000 steps each day and tracking sleep. 

* Apple Fitness+ requires iPhone 8 or later with iOS 16.1 or later, or Apple Watch Series 3 or later with watchOS 7.2 or later and one of the following Apple devices: iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14.3 or later, iPad with iPadOS 14.3 or later, or Apple TV with tvOS 14.3 or later. Must be 13+ years of age and covered under an applicable health plan. Available to applicable UnitedHealthcare medical plans for fully insured customers until 12/31/23. The information provided under this program is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be nor should be construed as medical advice. You should consult with an appropriate health care professional before beginning any exercise program and/or to determine what may be right for you. The value of the application and/or gift card may be taxable. You should consult with an appropriate tax professional to determine if you have any tax obligations from having access to this application at no additional cost, or under this program, as applicable.

**Available for medical plans only. Not available to Medicare or Medicaid members.

***Financial incentives may vary by plan, including some plans being capped at $300 per member per year; incentives may be less due to limits under applicable laws.