When the Holiday Punch Knocks You Out: Hangover Hints to Get Back on Your Feet

While tipping back an extra cup or two of homemade egg nog sounds fun, the aftereffects of an evening of drinking – or a spree of seasonal partying – can leave you with the dreaded holiday hangover.

There’s no quick fix but there are a few tricks that may help you overcome a night of partying.

1. Fill ‘er Up…
Eating a greasy burger or plate of eggs and hash browns sounds like it would be a sure hangover remedy. Sadly, there is no scientific “cure” – but if you can stomach light carbs, such as whole wheat toast or a small bowl of cereal, the nutrients may help you feel better and calm queasiness, as carbohydrates help even out blood sugar levels.

2. Unexpected Cures.
Some swear prickly pear and ginger can lighten the impact of over-indulging. Ginger is often used as a natural spice to help digestion and reduce nausea, two common hangover symptoms, and was found to be effectiveOpens in a new tab in this preliminary study.

3. Pass the Pickle Juice, Please:
Nothing like a jar of the briny stuff to curb the post-party symptoms. In fact, a studyOpens in a new tab claims the salt and vinegar solution encourage revelers to drink more water. A little probably won’t hurt – and it might help!

4. Yoga-A-Go-Go:
Deep breathing, stretches and gentle twists may help refresh your mind and help you get up and go. One scientific studyOpens in a new tab cites the many therapeutic benefits of yoga, including its ability to help you relax and reduce pain – both of which may be needed after a night of partying.

5. Get More Zzz’s:
If you doze off on the yoga mat, that’s OK. Sleeping off hangover symptoms while your body metabolizes the alcohol may help clear your mind by the time you awake. ThisOpens in a new tab recent study examines how sleep can help expel toxins and “clean up” the brain.

Want a healthier holiday? An ounce of hangover prevention can go a long way. Drink water in between alcoholic beverages and drink in moderation – or curb your intake entirely. If your hangover symptoms persist or are unusually severe, seek medical attention immediately.