Hack Your Way Through the Most Depressing Day of the Year

Admit it - Monday isn’t exactly the highlight of the week. Add in post holidays blues and there may be some validity to the idea that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. The pseudo-scientific claim known as Blue Monday factors in holiday debt, stalled resolutions grey winter weather and sleep deprivation.


This year, consider these scientifically-proven tips that may help with mid-winter moodiness:

Sniff Your Way to a Happier Monday: Certain scents may double as mood boosters, such as vanilla and clementine oranges, jasmine and pine. Hold on to that Christmas tree a couple more weeks!

Eat Better, Sleep Soundly & Move More: Fuel up with mood boosting foods such as salmon, blueberries and even chocolate. Resist the urge to hibernate, yet prioritize restful sleep and integrate movement and exercise into your schedule.

Time for You: In general, we’re much happier on the weekends vs. the weekdays when there tends to be more “me” time. Knowing this, reserve a few Monday minutes for self-care and ease into the week with a warm bath, meditation or a call to a good friend.

Unplug: Scrolling through social media feeds proved to be detrimental to health based on this recent study. Turn off Facebook, ignore Instagram and opt for some real face time with friends and family.

Virtual Visits: Don’t hesitate to reach out for help – it’s just a call or click away with convenient Virtual Visits. Technology, via mobile device or a computer, helps enable quicker access to a mental health provider.

Beyond Blue Monday, depression, anxiety and stress can take a toll on our health year-round. Always seek support of others and talk with your doctor when needed.