Set the Timer for Turkey…Not Your Stress Level!

As the clock ticks nearer to the holidays, it’s time to hone our superpower strategies to help keep the seasonal stress at bay. Remaining unruffled is possible!

Start with these five tips – it’s time to juggle less and gobble more!

Give Yourself a Timeout. Listen to your body – if you sense those signs of holiday anxiety, take a timeout. Recognize what escalates your stress levels and take steps to mitigate stressors. Get outside and walk around the block, call a friend to find solutions to what gives you angst, or focus on regulating your breathing for 10 minutes.


S.O.S. On Speed Dial. Given most accidents inevitably occur after-hours--- download the tools now you may need to get help quickly. UnitedHealthcare’s Virtual Visits connects you to a physician to treat minor medical concerns – via your mobile device or computer. Visit, click the link or download the app, register and begin your private video-messaging platform.

Be Someone’s Superhero. Sometimes the way to feel better is to help others. Volunteer to collect winter clothing donations, gather items for the local food bank or deliver meals to those who are homebound. You’ll feel good about making a difference, which can also boost your overall health and wellbeing.


Your Name’s on the List. Add yourself to your to-do list. For 15 minutes each day, you’ll be the priority. Refresh yourself by reading a magazine, sipping a cup of tea or finding an inspirational quote on Pinterest.

The Power of Choice. It’s sometimes tough to say “no” to favors and expectations from others. Before you take on additional to-dos, think through what you might need to give up, to evaluate if you’re able to help. Rule of thumb: be realistic with your time. It’s OK to do fewer things better.

Bookmark this link with more de-stressing tips. It’s important to remember that a healthier mindset can help turn a hectic holiday season into a happier one – for you and your loved ones.