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Do I Need a Primary Care Provider?

Primary care providers are the people you generally call first when you need care. That includes checkups or routine visits (also called preventive care), treating everyday medical problems and managing health conditions, like diabetes or asthma. Primary care providers are usually doctors, physician assistants or nurse practitioners.

It’s a good idea to choose a primary care provider. Here are a few reasons why:

When you see the same person for checkups and health concerns, you can get to know each other and you can share your medical history. When you know the person that’s providing your care, it may make it easier for them to find health issues or concerns.  You may also get more personalized care. It may even make it easier to get an appointment when you need care quickly.  That could save you from a visit to an urgent care center or emergency room, which often costs more and takes more time.

Primary care providers play an important role in managing the health of their patients. Even if you don’t have to choose a primary care provider with your plan; it’s a good idea to think about selecting a primary care provider because they can help you stay healthier.