HouseCalls by UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage

For UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members, quality care starts in the home

The UnitedHealthcare HouseCalls in-home care model has a proven track record of success leading to exceptional quality and better outcomes for seniors. Boosting prevention and early detection efforts, HouseCalls helps better manage chronic conditions and reduces hospitalizations. More than 2,600 advanced practice clinicians have completed over 10 million HouseCalls visits in the last 10 years.

Nurse practitioner Colleen had been seeing Sue in her home through the HouseCalls program for years but on one particular day, she knew something was different. A series of quick tests revealed an urgent circulation issue that required immediate care. 

“At the very least, I could’ve lost my leg,” Sue said. “And had it gotten bad enough, I could’ve lost my life.”

Colleen helped ensure Sue received prompt treatment, which helped her make a full recovery.

When nurse practitioner Kim DeMasie backs out of her driveway in her Indiana neighborhood and begins her day, she’s ready for the journey ahead — an estimated 100-mile trek across several counties — into the doors of seven different homes. 

“I think it’s really important when I go into a home to be friendly and treat them with dignity,” Kim said. 

Kim visits eligible UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage members in their homes as part of the HouseCalls team. Her core work includes physicals, preventive screenings and checking members’ vitals. She also reviews their medications, checks their health history and takes note of any socioeconomic risks.

Value by the numbers

Americans deserve access to quality, affordable, and comprehensive health care that improves outcomes. That’s what Medicare Advantage (MA) delivers — significantly lower out-of-pocket costs, more robust benefit offerings, and better health outcomes. 
  • More than 40% of all Medicare beneficiaries currently enrolled in MA – over 27 million people
  • More than 50% of Medicare beneficiaries are expected to be in MA plans by 2025
  • 98% satisfaction rate with their coverage
  • 53% of Latinx and 49% of Black Medicare beneficiaries choose enrollment in Medicare Advantage
  • More than half of all MA beneficiaries live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, compared to 39.1% of in FFS Medicare


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