Consider these 5 benefits during open enrollment

We’re all looking for ways to help save money, especially when it comes to health care costs. During open enrollment, you may put your focus on selecting medical coverage and overlook other benefits like vision, dental or hearing. But many of these benefits offer programs and resources that may help you maintain or improve your health and may also save money.

Here are five benefit programs to look for when considering health plans for 2021:

  1. Help your low back pain
    To help reduce potentially unnecessary invasive back and spinal procedures, consider looking at plan options that enable you to access physical therapy or chiropractic care. If you’re a UnitedHealthcare member, you may have access to these noninvasive treatments to help treat your low back pain.
  2. Consider laser vision correction
    Laser eye surgery can be a fairly quick and relatively painless procedure that may help improve your vision. Check your vision plan options, as they may include coverage or a member discount for LASIK surgery.
  3. Help Improve your smile
    A healthy, straight smile may help improve your social well-being while helping improve your overall health, too. Funds from a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can be used for dental improvements like teeth straightening. One option might include SmileDirectClub’s clear aligners, which may offer financial savings compared to other care options. Some dental plans with orthodontic coverage may also reimburse qualifying customers for a portion of the costs for these clear aligners, enabling you to save money while straightening your teeth.
  4. Help save on prescription sunglasses
    Some vision plans offer discounts on eyewear, including a second pair of prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses or blue-light filtering lenses for extended computer use. With people spending an average of 13 hours per day on digital devices, it’s important to help protect your eyes from excessive blue-light exposure and reduce the risk of symptoms associated with digital eye strain, including tired eyes, headache, or sore neck, shoulder or back.
  5. Get access to hearing aids
    Hearing loss is a significant issue for millions of Americans, with a growing number of people at risk of noise-induced hearing loss due to exposure of loud sounds and the increasing use of earbuds. Around 29 million American adults could benefit from hearing aids. Depending on the plan, people may be able to purchase custom-programmed hearing aids for less than devices sold through other channels, with home-delivery options offering potential savings and convenience.

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*The cost of hearing aids as well as the method of paying for them varies by plan. Medicare Advantage members should refer to their Evidence of Coverage document or call the number on their health plan ID card to confirm the cost and payment method for their plan.