The Gift of Hearing Clearly

At birth, Kali Parker’s daughter Chloe was diagnosed with Atresia, a medical condition causing her to be completely deaf in the left ear and partially deaf in the right ear. After Chloe’s initial set of hearing aids were discontinued, Kali wrestled with finances, insurance claims and doctor visits.

“Although I have great health insurance my employer offers, it is difficult to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses for both of my children and myself, considering Chloe’s condition,” Kali said.

Thanks to a grant from the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF), Kali was able to purchase Cochlear Baha’s, bone anchored hearing aids that enable her daughter to hear clearly.

Today, Chloe is thriving and is becoming more comfortable communicating in all settings.

“I am grateful UHCCF’s grant program exists to help me pay expenses not covered by my commercial insurance,” Kali said.

In March, UnitedHealthcare hosted a special event at Top Golf Midtown in Atlanta to raise money for UHCCF. Guests enjoyed an evening of golf, food, drinks, prizes, contests and fun, including an appearance by actor Chris Tucker, who donated $5,000 to the organization. 

Since 2007, UHCCF has awarded more than 18,000 grants totaling more than $45 million to children and families across the United States.

“We are blessed to be able to impact the lives of so many deserving families through our children’s grant program,” said Junior Harewood, executive director of UnitedHealthcare of Georgia. “The smiles on Chloe’s and Kali’s faces at Top Golf could be seen miles from Midtown.”