School Supplies Help Children’s Development

Starting school without the tools needed to succeed can create big obstacles for a developing child. Backpacks and essential school supplies are imperative to help get children mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for school.

Education is a hands-on experience, requiring students to have pencils, pens, paper and textbooks to help with learning. These basic supplies help students engage in lessons and gain knowledge they can ultimately bring back to their community to improve overall welfare.

However, many families in underserved communities struggle to provide basic school supplies to their children. According to Junior Achievement USA, 60 percent of parents say it’s a challenge to afford these necessary supplies.

To help meet this need and prepare children for the upcoming school year, UnitedHealthcare employees recently donated 700 backpacks to children in need throughout Orange County, Long Beach, Concord, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Each backpack was filled with school essentials donated by local employees — such as notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, markers, calculators, folders and paper.  The backpacks were then hand delivered by UnitedHealthcare employees and distributed to the children at 14 non-profit organizations across Northern and Southern California, including Boys & Girls Clubs, youth and family shelters, after school programs, and local community centers.

New backpacks and supplies give children a sense of pride and excitement to go back to school. With these tools, children are more likely to attend school and complete homework — knowing they have the same chance at school success as their peers.