Dare to be Bold: CEO Claire Verity Advises Women to be Their Own Advocate

When it comes to leadership, UnitedHealthcare Pacific Northwest States CEO Claire Verity has some advice for women: “Don’t ever give up your value and don’t surrender your ideas to someone else. You have to own it.”

Claire provided this, and other advice, to a sold-out crowd of 400 women at the Seattle Business Magazine’s second annual “Daring Women” event on May 21. She participated in a panel discussion titled “Dare to Be Bold: Owning Your Value and Leading with Authenticity,” where she and the other panelists spoke about their career journeys and shared insightful leadership tips. Claire is a founding member of the event, where the most fearless females in Seattle come together to talk innovation, growth, inspiration and leadership.

The half-day conference included interactive panel discussions and talks by executives on diversity and inclusion, owning your leadership style, cultivating a balanced culture and challenging standards.

UnitedHealthcare provided each guest with a free, signed copy of “Quiet,” by Susan Cain. The book focuses on empowering those who tend to stay quiet in group situations – and helping them understand the importance and power of their voice. 

“Be your own advocate and don’t apologize about it,” Claire said. “Your voice, opinion and experience are important and can often lead to breakthrough moments and ideas.”